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less frustrating and painful?

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Dear Learner,

If you've found this web site it's because you're looking for ways to help yourself or your child learn more easily, without the headaches and hassles.

The selection you see below is what I've come up with over the years to help both adults and kids learn languages in ways that suit their learning styles, not some school model.

There are many factors involved in learning that schools pay little attention to...

I could go on and on.

Who am I?

As you already know, my name is Jim Sarris and I'm a teacher and author.

I am currently a high school Spanish teacher in Chappaqua, NY and have been teaching adults and kids for over 15 years.

As an author, I have the educational products listed below.

There is really nothing more to add.

I believe everyone has an innate ability to learn and learn easily. It's only a question of getting the right mindset and the right methods in place.

Once you do, you can literally learn anything you want in less time than you could have ever imagined.

Well, enough of that. Please take a look and see what you think.

Thanks for dropping by!

Improve your child's memory

"The Secret to Learning Any Language"

It's time you...

  • Studied less and learned more
  • Felt excited about communicating in another language
  • End the hassles and frustrations you've felt so far

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Improve your child's memory

"Memory Skills That Make
Your Life Easier"

Are you ...

  • In high school, college or Adult Ed.
  • Struggling to remember important information
  • Learning new skills on the job

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Improve your child's memory

"Memory Skills That Make Your Child's Life Easier"

It doesn't matter if your child is...

  • ADD, ADHD, LD, High Functioning Autism
  • Slowed by learning deficiencies
  • Struggling to go from C's to A's
  • Fighting to go from F's to C's

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Improve your child's memory

"Learn Spanish Verbs the Fun and Easy Way""

A comprehensive verb resource that...

  • Makes remembering verbs a breeze
  • Offers easy-to-find present and past tense conjugations
  • Serves up complete verb review of present and past tense

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Yours truly,

language learning expert

Jim Sarris, M.A.

Alacan Publishing
7 Francis St.
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591

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